Physician Contract Review

Physician employment contracts and agreements can have a long-term impact on a physician’s career, regardless of whether the physician is graduating from a residency program or is moving on to another opportunity. Attorneys Melinda Malecki and Aileen Brooks have many years of experience in reviewing and advising physicians on their employment agreements.

Physicians of any specialty or subspecialty can rely upon Malecki & Brooks to provide them with experienced counsel on all provisions of their employment agreement, including the following:

  1. Compensation: We can provide clarity on how an agreement’s compensation provision is structured and what each subsection means (i.e., base salary, bonus, RVU requirements, and other items).
  2. Professional Liability Insurance Requirements:  We can answer your questions on the “tail” insurance language that is in the professional or malpractice liability insurance section.
  3. Restrictive Covenants:  Each state approaches restrictive covenants, including non-compete agreements, very differently. The attorneys at Malecki & Brooks are current on the evolving law of restrictive covenants and especially on how they affect physician employment agreements.
  4. Term and Termination:  We can advise you on the term and termination provisions of the agreement.
  5. Legal Duties:  Employers may expect an employed physician to perform several duties and tasks besides seeing patients, such as complying with billing and coding guidelines and adhering to certain quality metrics. Malecki & Brooks Law Group can help you understand what each duty entails and how it may apply to your employment situation.

If requested, Malecki Brooks Ford Law Group can provide further services and negotiate a contract on behalf of a physician.

Malecki Brooks Ford Law Group understands how physician employment agreements affect a physician’s career. Our goal is to make sure you fully understand your employment agreement.

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