Crisis Management

The way you or your organization handle a crisis, also referred to as a potentially compensable event (PCE) will affect the outcome of a lawsuit or claim as well as staff morale.

Malecki Brooks Law Group, LLC can assist you with the management of a potentially compensable event from the start.

Melinda Malecki and Aileen Brooks are both very experienced in this area in the healthcare industry, regardless of the nature of the PCE, although generally most common are medical malpractice or employment related.

Examples of specific services include but are not limited to:

  • Investigation of PCEs performed at the direction of legal counsel and therefore subject to attorney-client privilege
  • Advising principals and staff involved
  • Advising and/or writing internal and external communications
  • Interfacing with liability insurance carriers
  • Defense litigation
  • On-site proactive education regarding “How to Manage a Potentially Compensable Event”

Malecki Brooks Law Group, LLC can advise you from the moment you become aware of a PCE and can guide you through the entire process of minimizing your legal exposure.

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