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The philosophy of the Malecki Brooks Ford law firm is built on providing comprehensive legal services in the healthcare industry with honesty and integrity. Working directly with you, we listen and understand your particular needs. Our lawyers have a breadth and depth of experiences focused in the healthcare industry to bring insight and understanding to provide you with no-nonsense, practical advice. Efficiency and effectiveness drive our practice to meet your legal and business needs.

We not only stand up for you.

We stand with you.

“What matters most is how you see yourself.”
– Louie Bryan M. Lapat

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Melinda Malecki

Aileen Kiska Brooks

Ann Ford

Anthony Ashenhurst

Raya Bogard

Susan Breier

Noreen Costelloe

Helen Haynes

Adrienne Hersh

Michael Holy

Patricia D King

Cheryl Miller

Carl Schultz

Jonathan Siner